Upcoming Break Schedule | Sports Box Breaks

- Please see the SCHEDULE OF BREAKS BELOW for Days/Times.
- Please Note: The Live Session start time does not mean that your break will start at this time, it simply means that our Live Streaming session will start at this time.
- Breaks need to Fully Sell Out in order to run.
- If a break does not sell out, that break will be placed on our schedule for the next Live Break night to give more time to fill.
- Please do not send repeated emails asking when your break will run.
- All information regarding when your break will run is on this page, and you can
check a real-time number of remaining teams on any product page.

- All breaks take place *LIVE* at your choice of FOUR STREAMING CHANNELS (click link).
- All break videos are archived on our YouTube Channel after the live stream
- If your break is not listed on the schedule, it means the break is pre-release and still filling.
- All scheduled break days/times are subject to change based on case breaks filling.