How Breaks Work | Sports Box Breaks

What is a group box break?!?! And why should you get involved?!?!

Sports Box Breaks (SBB) will put together a "break", usually consisting of either factory-sealed cases, or multiple factory-sealed boxes from a given sport. Sports card enthusiasts then have the ability to buy into this break.

The cases & boxes are busted LIVE on Camera, and the video feed is streamed on (and also archived for later viewing on both & YouTube).  Once the live break has been completed, all the cards are shipped out to members who participated in the break based on what team(s) they purchased.

Why does this benefit you the collector? :

1. You get a chance at a case hit for a small portion of the total cost of a case.
Cases can cost from $700-$2000! At SBB you can purchase a spot in these breaks for $20-$50 on average, and still have an opportunity at the highly sought after cards!!!!

2. It allows you to collect your favorite team without collecting unwanted cards.
For example: You are Yankees fan and despise collecting Red Sox cards. You can purchase the Yankees for each break and only collect the team you want!

So now that you have idea lets get into how to get involved:

1. GET INTO THE GAME! In order for you to be involved you need to purchase a spot. Click on a break that interests you on the homepage,or from one of the Category menus. Click the Checkbox next to the team or teams you would like to purchase, and then click ADD TO CART.

Note: production information will also be available below the product so you will know what to expect from the break.

2. CHECK-OUT! Once you have made your selection(s), click on Shopping Cart image at the top of the page and select VIEW CART to see what you are planning to purchase, or CHECKOUT to start the checkout process (see below).

3. PAYMENT! SBB accepts all major Credit Cards and PayPal. At this point you may also be able to use any discount codes that you may have via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. SO IT PAYS TO SIGN-UP, ADD, OR FOLLOW US!!!!

4. RECEIPT OF PURCHASE(S)! SBB will contact you via e-mail with a receipt of your purchases. This confirms your spot in the break you purchased. Please keep this e-mail for your records.

5. BREAK TIME! The SBB home page has a link to the break calendar. All of our breaks will be live events broadcast on FOUR STREAMING CHANNELS (click link), and then archived on the SBB YouTube Channel.

On the day and time of your break go to the SBB homepage and click on WATCH BREAKS LIVE from the top menu to watch your break in real-time. Can’t make it to the break? NO PROBLEM!!!! Simply visit the SportsBoxBreaks YouTube Channel for a full listing of all past breaks.

6. WHAT IS A "HIT" CARD? A "Hit" card is a value card that is pulled in a break.  SBB classifies a hit card as any card numered Lower than 50, any autograph cards, any memorabilia/relic cards, and any cards that come encased directly from the product manufacturer.  All hit cards are encased in toploaders, and if we pull you a very high-value hit we'll encase that card in a one-touch magnetic at no cost to you!

7. THE CARD HAS MORE THAN ONE TEAM! In an event where a card pulled from the break has more than one team (see below).

The card will be randomized using (see below). In order to avoid randomizing, a participant must own 66% of the card. For example: For the card to escape being randomized a participant must own at least 2 of the 3 teams (Jaguars, Titans, Cardinals).

8. THE RANDOMIZER! SBB will use to settle any randoms. Participants involved in the random will be placed into the randomizer based on the number of spots purchased for that given break, and in the order the team/player appears on the card.

For example using the card above: Tim purchased: Jaguars and therefore would be placed in the randomizer once. Sharon purchased the Titans and Bears and therefore would be placed in the randomizer twice. Steven purchased the Cardinals, Patriots, and Packers and would be placed in the randomizer three times (see below).


Once in the randomizer the list will be randomized based on the value from the virtual dice (see below). Following the given number of randoms, the person in the first position will get the card. In the example below the dice total is three, therefore the list was randomized three times and Tim would receive the card as he was in the first position.

9. SHIP IT! After the break, please allow 3-7 business days for your products to be shipped. All hits (jersey, autographs, pre-encased cards, and cards # < 50) will be shipped in a penny sleeve, plastic holder and a bubble-mailer for maximum protection. The base (all other cards) will be placed in a teambag and shipped in a bubble mailer (unless noted). You will receive an e-mail with tracking information when your product has been shipped.



1. RANDOM BREAKS! SBB will offer random breaks in addition to team style breaks. During these breaks, all participants will pay one price for a spot in the break. All participants will be randomized (see random above) along with the team list. Participants will be match with their corresponding teams. Less popular/fewer hit teams may be paired and sold as one spot. Trading of your team can occur after randomizing in the chat. The advantage of random break is that you may get a team that would normally cost more for a cheaper price. Example: San francisco 49ers sell for $55 and you get them for a $40 spot.

2. HITLESS! What if I go hitless, no jersey, auto, pre-encased card, or card # < 50? In the break world this is called getting skunked! No need to worry! You will still receive all of your base plus a hobby pack of cards or base of your team. So you will always receive something for your money and never really get skunked!

3. POINTS CARDS In the event that a points card is pulled during a Live Break, that points card will act as a hit toward a HITLESS team.  We will take an inventory of which teams got hits during the break, and which teams did not get hits -- then use to determine ownership of the points card to one of the hitless teams.  If there are multiple Points Cards pulled, the cards will be issued with Highest Value Points to the team which comes up in the 1st position after the results of the Random, then the next lowest value Points Card to the 2nd team from the Random, and so on.. 

4. TRADED! All cards will go to the name of the team on the card. The card below would go to the LA Clippers even though J.J. Redick is in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform.

A. Non-sport (teamless) players - All non-sport and teamless players will be randomized between hitless teams (see randomizing above).
B. Hall of Famers/Current Players - Hall of famers with no team designation on card will be awarded to the team in which they played the most years. All current players with no team designation on card will be awarded to the player's current team. If the player is a free agent, then the hall of famer rule will apply.

6. CHECKLIST DISPUTS ON TEAM DESIGNATION In the event that a disput arises on team designation for a player appearing on a card -- the OFFICIAL Manufacturer Checklist will be used to settle the dispute (not a 3rd party Checklist).  Third party checklists would be those such as Groupbreakchecklists, Cardboard Connection, etc...   While these are very good resources, they are put together by private 3rd parties, and are NOT an official Checklist.  The only Official Checklist is that which is provided by the Card Manufactuers -- and we will refer back to the Manufacturer checklist for any such disputes.

7. YOU REDUCED THE PRICE, I WANT A REBATE!! SBB uses all available information at the time of listing our breaks to provide some of the best prices in the industry. However, there will be times that the price on a team spot does get reduced on subsequent breaks (ie: Break #3, Break #4, etc..) below the price you might have paid for the very same team in Break #1. These price reductions are done once Checklist information is available, and also as an effort to keep forward momentum on the cases to Sell Out in a timely fashion.

On the flip side, some team prices may be Increased on subsequent breaks (ie: Break #3, Break #4, etc..) over and above what has already been paid for that same team in Break #1. Again, this is based on Checklists having been released, and new information available to more accurately price the team as we get closer to the product release.

SBB does not provide refunds on teams which have been reduced in price, in much the same way that we are not requesting additional funds from buyers which may have purchased a team early at much cheaper price than the current market value. The beneift of buying early is that you are securing your team spot, and also potentially locking in a price which may increase once checklist information is available.

8. SEALED BOXES SOLD VIA SPORTSBOXBREAKS.COM All sealed boxes sold on our website ( are PERSONAL BREAKS, and will be opened during our LIVE STREAM and the contents shipped to you.

If you still have question please feel free to contact us at