About Us | Sports Box Breaks

Sports Box Breaks was created by two guys: one, a sports card collector for twenty years, and the other a website development & marketing professional since the mid 90's.  They joined forces to create a business where both of them could not only utilize their expertise, but also be a part of something they both enjoyed.  So SBB was born!

Jason has been collecting cards for over twenty years and brings his expertise to the company.  He believes that in order to enjoy your job you must do something you love, and Jason LOVES breaking open new boxes and finding the hidden gems inside.  “There is nothing like the smell of a fresh box break in the morning!

Kevin has been developing websites and has been in the tech industry for nearly 20 years as well.  Somewhat by accident, his love of websites and technology became a career at a very early time in the tech world.  When most folks were just learning how to navigate the internet (probably on AOL dialup!), Kevin was already creating websites and administering Linux servers in the high-tech world of Silicon Valley.

Jason and Kevin have been personal friends for several years, and creating SBB just made perfect sense.  We do hope you guys enjoy our breaks here at SBB, and never hesitate to reach out to either of us with any questions.

Happy Breaking!

Jason K.

Kevin G.