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SBB Monthly Giveaway

SBB is proud to introduce the SBB Monthly Giveaway Promotion.  SBB will be awarding prizes every month in conjunction with the SBB LOYALTY PROGRAM.

How It Works
At the beginning of each month, SBB will conduct FOUR separate drawings for all participants who have qualified in each of the SBB Loyalty Program Tiers (Veteran, All-Star, MVP, and Hall of Famer).

Participants qualify for inclusion into the Monthly Giveaway drawings based on their previous month's website purchases.  If you have reached a savings tier in the SBB Loyalty Program from the previous month, you're automatically included in the giveaway at the beginning of the next calendar month!


Multiple Chances To Win
Each participant will not only gain an entry into their loyalty tier drawing but also the categories below it.

EXAMPLE: A participant spends $550 dollars in one month and earns ALL-STAR status.  This participant would not only be placed in the All-Star drawing but also the Veteran drawing.

That means any SBB breaker can be placed into a max of  FOUR drawings per month!

Live Drawing
All Drawings will be conducted live on one of our streaming platforms using  All participants will be placed into the list alphabetically by first name last initial.  The dice will be used to determine the number of times the lists will be randomized (if a two is rolled the lists will be randomized three times).

If no participants qualify for a specific drawing, that prize will become the following month’s prize.

November 2016 Prizes
The Monthly Prize Prize Batch will be for those who have reached a savings tier in our Loyalty Program based on your website purchase history through the previous month (eBay sales are not applicable).  This month's prizes will be the following:

Veteran Prize All Star Prize MVP Prize Hall of Fame Prize

Qualify Right Now!
The only qualification to be entered into our Monthly Giveaway Promotion is to be an SBB Breaker, and to have reached a Savings Tier in the SBB Loyalty Program from the previous month - it's that simple!  This program is designed as extra incentive to keep coming back to our website for all your break needs, and to build up a core group of breakers that break with us month after month!

We already offer some of the best prices in the industry, and with our Monthly Giveaway Promotion you can qualify for an even greater value by breaking exclusively with SBB!

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