Delivery Information | Sports Box Breaks

Our break week runs from Sunday - Thursday each week.  If the opening of your case(s) took place in this time window, then your package will be shipped the following week.  The time frame from Break Night to shipping will be approximately 5 Business Days (this does not include weekends or Holidays).  The 5 Business Day time frame is an estimate, and should be treated as such -- but the vast majority of time this will be the processing time needed. 

The shipping of breaks is a very manual and labor intensive process.  All cards need to be sorted into team stacks, hits encased, then bagged, tagged, packed, and finally shipped.  Although you may have only been in one break with us during the week, please do keep in mind that we run anywhere from 15-20 breaks each week - all of which need to be sorted/packed/shipped. 

Also please realize that card breaks are not an off-the-shelf product that can simply be placed in a bubble mailer and shipped out the next day after the Live Break takes place.  We are a 2-person operation handling all aspects of the business - so your patience is appreciated.

In order to offer Free Shipping to our Domestic US website buyers, and for efficiency we combine at least 2 night's break sessions into each shipping batch.  If you were in multiple case breaks with us during the prior week, you will receive one package with all of your cards.  Please Note: SBB operates from 2 physically separate locations (Las Vegas & Pennsylvania) -- so shipping batches are also determined based on where your break(s) originated from.

We certainly do understand you're anxious to get your cards, but repeated emails asking when stuff will ship only slow down the process. Please do refer to this information page, as it will always be accurate to how soon your items will be shipped out.

We ship via USPS, and provide a tracking number to all participants.  If you purchased via eBay, this tracking number will be added to your auction listing once the shipment has been processed.  You will also recieve this tracking number in a regular email - this applies to both website purchases and eBay buyers.  If you are not seeing the tracking numbers from in your email, please do check your SPAM and whitelist anything coming from our domain of to ensure that you will see those messages going forward.

All hits will be placed in a penny sleeve and then in a top loader, a magnetic, or a plastic box.

All base will be placed in team bags or cardboard box card holders, and tagged with the break & break participant name.

All cards will be shipped in a bubble mailer for maximum protection. Certain cards may be shipped with signature confirmation due to value.

SBB will honor special shipping requests, such as not sending base or sending to a COMC type mailbox.  Please do understand that honoring requests such as these is very much a courtesy that we are providing -- and does effectly "break" our regular shipping process.  

We are dealing with thousands of cards being sorted/packed/shipped each week, and as such there are times that these speical requests may get missed and all cards get sent out (which is our regular shipping method).  

We fully understand that there is cost involved for every single card that a processing center like COMC handles on your behalf.  We will do our best to honor these type of special shipping requests, but please note that SBB is in no way responsible for any costs involved from your 3rd party processing centers such as COMC to take in and process your cards.