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2020 Panini Luminance Football (Box-War - 5-box Break #1)

Brand: Panini
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1. This is a box war break.   In this break each participant will receive 1 box per purchase.  

2. Once the break fills, the participants and the boxes will be matched via  

3. The dice will determine the number of times the list will be randomed (a 2 will be randomized 3 times). 

4. The boxes will placed in numerical order and the participants by which spot they purchased.

5. The boxes will be opened live on camera and the best hit (hit qualification will be declared in the product description below) will win the "spoils of war" (an additional box of the warred product to be opened live on camera).

6. The best hit will be determinded by SBB using previous sales of the cards or close comparables.

7. The value will be determined using the database

8. In case of a tie the next hit in the tied boxes will be judged.  If there is no additional hit will be utilized (see above).

9. All decisions will be final.

10. Please take note that you WILL NOT lose your box or Win the other participants boxes.   You will keep your box no matter what happens.  You are warring to win the additional box.  This method is chosen to keep everyone with something.


2020 Panini Lumiance Football Box-WAR BEST AUTOGRAPH WINS


Each Box contains Three Autographs, One Memorabilia Card, Five Parallels, Four Inserts, and 12 Rookies!

Luminance football is back, showcasing full-bleed action photography and loaded with parallels and inserts of all the top stars and rookies the NFL has to offer.

Chase some of the first cards of the hottest, new rookies from the 2020 NFL Draft.

Look for rookie on-card autographs in Year One Signatures, these parallel to Red Ink, Green Ink and Purple Ink (max /5).

Look for ultra-rare case hit inserts, which include Jersey Swap, Shinning Stars, Rising, Jubliee and Moments.

New to Luminance in 2020: Look for a deeper on-card rookie autograph checklist than ever before.


BASE LUMINANCE: Find stunning, full-bleed action photography of all the best players the NFL has to offer with Base Luminance.

- Gold #'d /250
- Blue #'d /99
- Green #'d /75
- Orange #'d /50
- Red #'d /25
- Pink #'d /10
- Platinum #'d 1/1

ROOKIE LUMINANCE: Look for some of the first officially licensed trading cards of the top NFL prospects.

- Gold #'d /250
- Blue #'d /99
- Green #'d /75
- Orange #'d /50
- Red #'d /25
- Pink #'d /10
- Platinum #'d 1/1

ROOKIE LUMINANCE AUTO: New in 2020: Look for Rookie Luminace Autos, which features the same full-bleed action photography with an autograph!

- Rookie Luminance Gold Auto (max #'d /100)
- Rookie Luminance Blue Auto (max #'d /50)
- Rookie Luminance Green Auto (max #'d /10)
- Rookie Luminance Platinum Auto (#'d 1/1)

SPOTLIGHT SIGNATURES: Using spotlighting technologies, Spotlight Signatures captures some of the best current and retired players in the NFL with dazzling action photography.

- Gold max #'d /49
- Green max #'d /25
- Platinum #'d 1/1

ILLUMINATED INK: Find a colorful redesign of Illuminated Ink, which includes some of the best players in the NFL.

- Gold max #'d /49
- Green max #'d /10
- Platinum #'d 1/1
- Jumbo Gold max #'d 49
- Jumbo Green max #'d 25
- Jumbo Platinum #'d 1/1

JUMBO PRIME PLATINUM: Find oversized memorabilia cards in Jumbo, which parallel to the 1/1 NFL Shields.

JERSEY SWAP: New in 2020: Look for case hit inserts, which include the following inserts, Jersey Swap, Shining Stars, Rising, Jubliee and Moments.

YEAR ONE SIGNATURES RPS: Find a new design to the on-card signatures in 2020 Luminance football with Year One Signatures. Chase SP and SSP ink variations of all the top talent from the 2020 NFL Draft.

- Year One Signatures RPS Red
- Year One Signatures RPS Green
- Year One Signatures RPS Purple

YEAR ONE DUAL SIGNATURES: Find short printed on-card dual rookie autographs in Year One Dual Signatures.

4 Packs Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack