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2020 Onyx Vintage Extended Series Baseball (Box War - 6-box Break #8)

Brand: Onyx
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1. This is a box war break.  In this break each participant will receive 1 box per purchase.  

2. Once the break fills, the participants and the boxes will be matched via  

3. The dice will determine the number of times the list will be randomed (a 2 will be randomized 3 times). 

4. The boxes will placed in numerical order and the participants by which spot they purchased.

5. The boxes will be opened live on camera and the best hit (hit qualification will be declared in the product description below) will win the "spoils of war" (an additional box of the warred product to be opened live on camera).

6. The best hit will be determinded by SBB using previous sales of the cards or close comparables.

7. The value will be determined using the database

8. In case of a tie the next hit in the tied boxes will be judged.  If there is no additional hit will be utilized (see above).

9. All decisions will be final.

10. Please take note that you WILL NOT lose your box or Win the other participants boxes.   You will keep your box no matter what happens.  You are warring to win the additional box.  This method is chosen to keep everyone with something.


2020 Onyx Vintage Extended Series Baseball Box-WAR BEST AUTOGRAPH WINS

Each Box contains Two On-Card Autographs!

Find One Premium Hit Per CASE!

Don't miss all the Hot Prospects, Phenoms, International Prospects with Onyx Authenticated's Vintage Extended 2020.

Each box of Onyx Vintage Extended comes with two On-Card Autographs from baseball stars such as Luis Robert, Pete Alonso, Wander Franco, Adley Rutschman and Julio Rodriguez. 2020 #1 and #2 Draft Picks Spencer Torkelson and
Austin Martin. Plus, 2021 and 2022 top International Prospects Roderick Arias and Felnin Celesten anchoring our 2020 mid-year update.

Parallel Autograph Sets:

- Blue Signatures: limited to 275 or less
- Green Signatures: limited to 50 or less
- Red Signatures: limited to 25 or less
- Black Signatures: limited to 5


Pedro Pineda Oakland
Adison Reyes Detroit
Pete Alonso New York NL
Cristian Pache Atlanta
Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City
Endy Rodriguez New York NL
Jake Vogel Los Angeles NL
Ryan Mountcastle Baltimore
Jordan Walker St. Louis
AJ Vukovich Arizona
Erick Pena Kansas City
Angel Martinez Cleveland
Bayron Lora Texas
Yanquiel Fernandez Colorado
Armando Cruz Washington
Rodolfo Castro Pittsburgh
Spencer Howard Philadelphia
Spencer Torkelson Detroit
Juan Then Seattle
Cristian Hernandez Chicago NL
Adeal Amador Colorado
Jose De La Cruz Detroit
Luis Robert Chicago AL
Kris Bubic Kansas City
Luis Rodriguez Los Angeles NL
Riley Greene Detroit
Luis Toribio San Francisco
Marco Luciano San Francisco
Julio Rodriguez Seattle
Freudis Nova Houston
Wander Franco Tampa Bay
Adley Rutschman Baltimore
Carmen Mlodzinski Pittsburgh
Austin Martin Toronto
Carlos Colmenarez Prospect
Danny De Andrade Prospect
Yiddi Cappe Prospect
Robert Puason Oakland
Ronny Mauricio New York NL
Cody Thomas Los Angeles NL
Seuly Matias Kansas City
Jerar Encarnacion Miami
Jasson Dominguez New York AL
Alexander Ramirez New York NL
Felnin Celesten Prospect
Nick Yorke Boston
Dylan MacLean Texas
Wander Javier Minnesota
Mick Abel Philadelphia
Roderick Arias Prospect
Miguel Bleis Prospect

24 Boxes Per Case, 4 Cards Per Box