2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Mixer (Choose Team - 4-box #2)

Brand: Topps
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Tentative Release Date: 9/13/2023


3 x 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box 

Each Box contains Two Chrome Autographs!

Look for the ALL NEW Bowman Chrome Prospects RetroFractor Variations of Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, and Johnny Bench! Find Super Rare Johnny Bench Autograph Versions!

1 x 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball HTA Box 

Every Box contains Three Autographs!

Collect the 1st Bowman Cards of Ethan Salas, Samuel Basallo, Felnin Celesten, Sebastian Walcott, Carlos De La Cruz, Joendry Vargas, Luis Guanipa, Blade Tidwell, Luis Perales, Will Warren, Rayner Arias, Marco Vargas, Brandon Mayea, Wikelman Gonzalez, and Welbyn Francisca!
2023 Bowman Chrome rolls out the red carpet for another stellar prospect class from around the globe!

Look for a variety of HTA Exclusive Autograph parallels!

Find 3 Chrome Autograph cards per HTA box!