2014 Topps Supreme Baseball (Choose Team - Case Break #9)

Brand: Topps
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2014 Topps Supreme Baseball Hobby 20-Box Case (40 AUTOS!)


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Each Case GUARANTEES One Supreme Scope Autographed Relic Card!

Each box of 2014 Topps Supreme Baseball contains Two of the following:

- Single Autograph Cards
- Multi Autograph Cards
- Autographed Relic Cards

The brand that has delivered beautiful designs and big hits for the Topps Football portfolio will be making its highly anticipated North American debut this year for Baseball. This release will feature all that collectors have come to expect from the Supreme brand:

Low-numbered autographs: All cards will be sequentially #'d to 50 or less!

Thoughtfully paired multi-autograph cards - dual and triple autograph cards to be featured prominently!

Jumbo patch autographed relic book cards and a multitude of 1/1s!


Autographed Retired & Veteran Stars:

Subjects will be featured on a vertical layout with high-end design elements.

Simply Supreme Autographs: NEW!

Subjects will be featured on a horizontal layout.

Supreme Styling Die-CUt Autographs: NEW!

Subjects will be featured on an elegant die-cut design.

Parallels for these Autograph components will include, but are not limited to:

- Green Parallel - sequentially #'d.
- Sepia Parallel - sequentially #'d.
- Purple Parallel - sequentially #'d.
- Blue Parallel - sequentially #'d.
- Orange Parallel - sequentially #'d to 15. 
- Red Parallel - sequentially #'d to 10.
- Black Parallel - sequentially #'d to 5.
- Supreme Parallel - #'d 1/1.
- Printing Plates - #'d 1/1.


Supreme Autograph Relic: CASE GUARANTEE!

Each case of 2014 Topps Supreme Baseball will include at least 1 Supreme Scope Autograph Relic, featuring rookies, star MLB veterans and retired greats. Sequentially #'d. NEW!

- Platinum Patch Parallel: sequentially #'d to 10.
- Supreme Patch Parallel: #'d 1/1.

Autograph Patch Relics:

Featuring standard-sized patch relics. Sequentially #'d to 25.

- Platinum Patch Parallel: sequentially #'d to 5.
- Supreme Patch Parallel: #'d 1/1.

Dual Autograph Jumbo Patch Relic Book Card:

Featuring top rookies, star veterans and retired greats. Each panel will feature a surface applied autographed sticker and a jumbo patch relic. Sequentially #'d to 10.

20 Boxes Per Case, 2 Cards Per Pack