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2016 SUPER Baseball Mixer (Random Team - 7 Box Break #1)

Brand: Topps
Product Code: Super-BB-RND1


This is a Random Style BOX Break.  If you are unfamiliar with random breaks please see this link: RANDOM BREAKS




This break will consist of the following 3 products:


1 Box: 2016 Topps The Mint Baseball Hobby

(High End Baseball, 5 Total On Card Autos all /99 or less)

A few examples of the ULTRA HIGH-QUALITY HITS in The Mint

Each unique box of The Mint Baseball will deliver five hard-signed, sequentially numbered autograph cards!

Each carefully curated autograph card will feature:

- Sequential numbering to guarantee scarcity 
- Metallic ink to create an unprecedented look and feel 
- Meticulously chosen imagery to convey the timelessness of America's pastime 
- A hard-signed signature to deliver intimacy and paramount value

Featuring a laboriously honed checklist, The Mint Baseball has been designed to provide the utmost in collector value.


One 4 Box-Half Case of 2016 Panini Pantheon Baseball!

(High End Baseball, 32 Hits In Total Across the Half-Case!)

A few examples of the ULTRA HIGH-QUALITY HITS in Pantheon

Each Box contains Eight Autographs or Memorabilia Cards!

Features an all retired checklist of All-Stars, Super Stars, and Legends!

The Base Set includes members of baseball's most exclusive clubs: 500-Home Run Club, 3,000-Hit Club, 300-Win Club, 600-Home Run Club, 700-Home Run Club, 40/40-Club, 4,000-Hit Club, 4,000-Strikeout Club and 5,000-Strikeout Club.

Every card features an autograph or a piece of memorabilia.

Look for a variety of cards that feature dual-, triple-and quad-player materials, on-card autographs paired with dual-, triple- and quad-materials, cut signatures, material and autographed booklets.

Each card tells the story of baseball's biggest stars of the past with exclusive clubs, milestones, retired jersey numbers, All-Stars, Hall of Fame, award winners, legendary lineups and many more.


BASE GUILDS 300: Base Guilds 300 features members from the 300-Win Club. Look for players like Warren Spahn, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Early Wynn and Steve Carlton and many more. Find 3 parallels each #'d/49 or less.

BASE GUILDS 500: Base Guilds 500 features members from the 500-Home Run Club. Look for players like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, Harmon Killebrew and many more. Find 3 parallels each #'d/49 or less!

BASE GUILDS 3000: Base Guilds 3,000 features members from the 3,000-Hit Club. Look for players like Ty Cobb, Pete Rose, Stan Musial, Tris Speaker, Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente and many more. Find 3 parallels each #'d/49 or less.

METROPOLIS MONUMENTS: Metropolis Monuments pairs 4 players from one team, each with 1 material swatch. Look for 3 parallels #'d/25 or less.

MILESTONE SCRIPTS - RED: Milestone Scripts pairs on-card autographs with a milestone from each players' career. Look for 4 parallels #'d/49 or less.

PANTHEON SCRIPTS QUADS - BRONZE: Pantheon Scripts Quads features on-card autographs paired with 4 material swatches. Look for 3 parallels #'d/25 or less.

SCRIPT 1 - BRONZE: Script 1 features 2 material swatches and 1 player who played their entire career with 1 team. Look for 3 parallels #'d/25 or less.

PANTHEON SCRIPTS - GOLD: Pantheon Scripts features on-card autographs paired with 1 material swatch. Look for 3 parallels #'d/25 or less.

SACRED DEPLOYMENTS BOOKLET: Sacred Deployments features 3 players from the same lineup each with 2 material swatches from some of the best offenses in history. Look for 2 parallels #'d/25 or less.

2 Boxes: 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball HTA Vending

Each Vending Box contains Three Autograph Cards 
(6 Autos In Total Across the 2 Bowman Chrome Boxes)

Find Prospect Orange Shimmer Refractor Hot Packs!

Each 80-card Vending Box of 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball will contain:

- 3 Autograph Cards
- 33 Base Cards from 2016 Bowman Baseball, printed on chrome technology
- 33 Bowman Chrome Prospect Cards
- 5 Bowman Chrome Prospect Black & Gold Refractors
- 6 Bowman Scouts' Updates Insert Cards

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